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I first went to New York City when I was in grade 10. My dad took me for my 16th Birthday and I absolutely loved it! It was amazing to explore this giant city and such an amazing memory!

Fast forward 8 years to this winter and I was on my way back to NYC! This time I was travelling with my wife and her parents and we had such an amazing weekend! We explored all ends of Manhattan and ate A LOT of delicious food!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am no travel blogger and definitely am not planning on being one, but here are my top 3 things to do in New York City!


This was amazing! I will no longer travel the same way after trying a food tour! We did the “Heart and Soul of Greenwich Village” tour, but I am sure that they are all amazing. I love going on vacation with little to no idea of what we are going to do. It is my ideal to start my morning off in a coffee shop while on vacation and chat with the locals for ideas on activities. We had some of our favourite travelling memories doing this (biking ancient islands in Ireland, cute pastry shops in Montreal, etc.) and I highly recommend it! This tour made me feel like I was a local in the city. Because of this the guide was phenomenal and food was out of this world! I will now look for this in every city I travel to!


Although we spent most of our time comparing everything we saw to “Night at the Museum” we loved it! I felt like a was a kid again exploring dinosaur fossils and searching for King Tut (who isn’t actually in the museum)! I love learning every chance I get and I would highly recommend this to everyone! One tip would be to leave lots of time. We only had a few hours scheduled for it and you definitely need AT LEAST half a day!


I love maps! Coming from little PEI the subway was a whole new world for us and it was fascinating to us! Without traffic slowing us down we were able to travel the length of Manhattan in no time at all! It took us until the last day for us to use this, but we wish we had caught on right away! Very fun to see where you end up!

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